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Tailored solutions

We believe that each project deserves a customized approach. We integrate within the project team to help define technology challenges, goals, develop a plan, engineer a solution and manage the implementation. The result? User experience-driven technology systems that people love.


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EXP helps clients exceed business goals by providing a hands-on approach to designing and deploying high-quality

AV technology solutions.

About us

A comprehensive approach

We work collaboratively with the project team to take the project from goal definition through implementation.  

Technology Guides

Recommend the hardware, software and manufacturers based on existing technology or create a plan to build the custom solution you need.

Experience Designers

Design and develop the content for your immersive experience, whether it’s an interactive media wall, an in-store AR experience or a software application.


Help you define your business challenges and goals, with a focus on creating a more efficient and engaging experience in your physical spaces.

Project Managers

Serve as the technology project managers, overseeing the whole delivery chain to ensure your project is delivered on time, in budget, and to specification.

Our process

How we engage

We operate at the intersection of technology design and user experience.

In addition to overall technology strategy, here are some of the services we offer:

Audiovisual Systems Design

  • Enterprise software consulting

  • AV meeting room technology

  • Display and audio systems

  • Digital wayfinding tools

  • Resource booking systems

Interactive Digital Content

  • Expanded marketing campaigns

  • AI-driven data visualizations

  • Interactive artwork

  • Machine vision gesture control

  • Digital signage systems

AR, VR, MR Experiences

  • Hardware selection

  • OS integration

  • Technology assessment

  • AR, VR, MR interface design

  • AR, VR, MR app development

Custom Solutions

  • Market research

  • Competitive analysis

  • UX & UI design

  • Prototyping

  • Go-to-market strategy

Our services

In good company

Our award-winning team has had the privilege of working with top-tier clients.